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Contact Us

Contact Us

For further information on Squibnocket Partners LLC and the projects under current development, please contact:

All media inquiries:
Lottchen Shivers 845-876-8791

Foreign Rights & Permissions:
Danny Baror
Baror International, Inc.

The authors:
Dan Burstein DanBurstein@SecretsOfMaryMagdalene.Com
Arne de Keijzer Adekeijzer@SecretsOfMaryMagdalene.Com

Secret Series Investigative Reporter:
David Shugarts

Squibnocket Partners LLC
Dan Burstein DanBurstein@InsideAngelsandDemons.Com
Arne de Keijzer Adekeijzer@InsideAngelsandDemons.Com

Squibnocket Partners LLC
30 Salem Road
Weston, CT 06883

Author Photographer: Julie O'Connor

Webmaster: Webmaster@SecretsOfMaryMagdalene.Com