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About the Secrets Series
Secrets of the Code

Secrets of the Code is a sweeping tour, guided by world-renowned experts, through the provocative ideas raised in the bestselling novel and block buster film. This new and updated paperback edition features exciting new material, including . . . .    (read more)

Secrets of Angels and Demons

Before there was The Da Vinci Code, the was Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons. Here, too, the novelist took on the “facts” of Western history – this time “exposing” the secret history of the Vatican, the Illuminati, the suppression of Galileo’s most secret manuscripts, and much more.  And it, too, left readers wondering what to make of it all . . . . .(read more)

Secrets of the Widow's Son

Secrets of the Widow’s Son, is an unprecedented book concept: Relying on extensive investigative reporting and intellectual sleuthing, it is an explorer’s field guide to understanding the main themes, ideas, symbols, and historical issues that author Dan Brown will likely utilize in The Solomon Key—many months before this much-awaited sequel to The Da Vinci Code is even published . . . . . (read more)

Secrets of Mary Magdalene

Continuing in the tradition of the blockbusting New York Times bestseller Secrets of the Code, the latest book from the “Secrets” team, Secrets of Mary Magdalene: The Unfolding Story of History’s Most Misunderstood Woman , brings together world class experts such as Elaine Pagels, Susan Haskins, Margaret Starbird, and . . . .(read more)